• Cabernet Sauvignon

El Inquilino


Its name, El Inquilino, is a tribute to the families that lived and still live in some of the 32 houses built in the Hacienda Cucha Cucha after the terrible 1939’s earthquake. They have cared for these vines with their hands through decades and together we have shared the love for these generous hills of Portezuelo.


With small, very black and tight bunches, the old Cabernet Sauvignon vines that sometimes appears between the Mission plants are remarkables. 

One by one they were identified to confirm that we have about one hectare hmong several hills, ungrafted, with no irrigation, surviving to time. In their first production we tried to transform them into a fresh wine, full of fruit, to share with friends.


Variety:Cabernet sauvignon


Format:750 cc.

Origin:Portezuelo – Valle del Itata

Production (No. of Bottles):

1,500 bottles

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