• Muscat of Alexandria

La Temporera


Its name, La Temporera, is a tribute to the hard-working and beloved women who have joined us to harvest the grapes each year in Cucha Cox, since the begining of the 20th century.


Our queen is this large, sweet, golden and juicy white grape. In Itata Valley we know it as “Italia” and their exists for at least 300 years in our vineyard, because the first Jesuit missioners planted it.

To make this wine we harvested by hand each bunch buring the first morning hours, to preserve its freshness, aromas and flavor. It is a fresh and light wine, easily to drink and enjoy daily.



Muscat of Alexandria


Format:750 cc.

Origin:Portezuelo – Valle del Itata

Production (No. of Bottles):

1,500 bottles

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