• Malbec

El Inmigrante


Its name, El Inmigrante, is a tribute to José Díaz Cordero, a spanish inmigrant who arrived to Chile in 1923, at just 13 years old, to become this country his homeland and dedicate to produce wines in Itata Valley, starting in 1946 our family’s vineyard that we proudly call Díaz de Itata.


The old Malbec vines of this wine remained hidden for years between the vigorous Mission plants. Until about seventy years ago they were destined to produce “the house’s wine” and all the people in Cucha called it côt, as its french name… They are survivors among the hills, because they waited with no irrigation to be rediscovered to confirm that they still were there.

The result has been a real find: a strength and character wine, which represents the identity of our land and its people.




Format:750 cc.

Origin:Portezuelo – Valle del Itata

Production (No. of Bottles):

1,500 bottles

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